Response to the Syrian Crisis


Strengthening Civil Peace in Lebanon Project

UNDP Strengthening Civil Peace in Lebanon Project has been supporting the process of the establishment of a national civil society platform on civil peace since 2011, consisting of 10 national organizations,taking into account past experiences and emerging lessons learnt. more


The Syrian Crisis

Lebanon is characterized by a fragile political stability, a deficient economic situation and structural regional imbalances prior to the Syrian conflict and the arrival of Syrian refugees. As a result, the impact of the Syrian crisis exacerbates the deficiencies of the country in general and themore


UNDP Brochure # 1

More than one million Syrians and Palestinians have crossed the border with Lebanon over the past three years, fleeing from the unbearable suffering brought by the war. They live within Lebanese communities across the country, but are primarily concentrated in deprived areas of the North andmore