Crisis Prevention and Recovery


3rd issue of the joint news supplement

UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, launched a support program to assist Lebanese communities hosting Syrian Refugees. We contribute in protecting the livelihoods and development of Basic services and promote social cohesion and villages in the areas most affected. more


4th issue of the joint news supplement

In this issue, distributed for free with Annahar and Assafir newspapers, journalists from Annahar, Assafir, Al Hayat newspapers and al modon electronic newspapers shared their views in one common space, and attempted to highlight the extraordinary resilience of Lebanese Host Communities and themore


5th Issue of the joint news supplement

The UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project published the 5th joint news supplement with Annahar, As-safir and The Daily Star newspapers on Wednesday 24th of September 2014. In this issue, journalists from different media outlets are conveying positive messages and showing a brighter image thanmore