Democratic Governance


The National Human Development Report, 2001-2002 Globalization: Towards a Lebanese Agenda

The aim for the report is to put a strong positive spin on the opportunities created by this process of evolution-cum-revolution - provided strong links are created with human development. The National Human Development Report attempt to shed light on the issues involved and pointed to newmore


The Report "A profile of sustainable Human Development in Lebanon"

The report comes at a particularly opportune moment, as Lebanon rises to the challenge of reconstruction and rebuilding the country’s economy and institutions, and the far-reaching changes and transformation at the regional and global levels.  more


Towards a National Anti-Corruption Strategy

In the framework of “Towards a National Dialogue on Corruption in Lebanon”, the United Nations Development Programme and the Lebanese Transparency Association were able to lay down the foundation of anti-corruption modules as translated into the document entitled “Towards a National Anti-Corruptionmore