Environment & Energy


National Bioenergy Strategy for Lebanon

The National Bioenergy Assessment for Lebanon has been published by the UNDP-CEDRO project, implemented by a consortium of international and local companies. The study had five main tasks; (1) resource assessment, (2) bioenergy technology conversion options, (3) scenarios for the future, (4)more


Hydropower from non-River sources – The potential in Lebanon

Lebanon used to generate more than 60-70% of its power from hydro-power sources prior to the 1960s. Today, this power is down to less than 5% at most. A national assessment of the non-river hydropower potential from public utilities and networks in Lebanon was launched by CEDRO, in collaborationmore


Photovoltaic Power Plants in Lebanon

CEDRO undertook a study on the techno-economic viability of PV farms in Lebanon. Utilizing solar irradiance measurement from the various CEDRO sites, the international expert on PV farms indicates, with more certainty, the actual financial viability of PV farms in Lebanon, or the current feed-inmore