Safeguarding and Restoring Lebanon’s Woodland Resources Technical Report

06 Jan 2015

This report presents the results of 3 different sets of field trials implemented by the project in 8 pilot sites on different new reforestation techniques, extending from 2011 till 2014. Due to the current high costs of reforestation in Lebanon estimated at around 7,000 USD per hectare (at a density of 800 seedlings/Ha), the main objective of the field trials was to assess the prospects of successful reforestation in Lebanon at low costs and possibly without any irrigation. This report also provides context for the Project’s work in terms of the need to preserve and expand the historic Cedars of Lebanon as well as other forests; their past depletion, current forest conditions, and the many reforestation efforts underway by government and nonprofit sectors. It outlines SRLWRP technical assistance to the MoE in launching the third phase of its National Reforestation Programme, which aimed at building capacity for large-scale forest restoration and maintenance over the next two decades.

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