Millenium Development Goals


Local MDGs Report for the Suweijani Union of Municipalities

Resulting from a joint effort between the Lebanese Government, the United Nations Development Programme and the local communities, this report is the first MDGs local report aiming at enhancing the capacities of the local communities, and therefore develop, implement and monitor the policies andmore


Millennium Development Goals Report 2003

As the first MDGR for Lebanon, this report aimed at establishing a baseline situation, monitor progress achieved till date, and provide indication on what should be done. more


Post 2015 National Consultations in Lebanon

The global development framework set in 2000 by the United Nations General Assemby defined 8 Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) to be reached by 2015. As it is soon expiring, a post 2015 development agenda has to be agreed upon. The UN and Member States launched a global consultation to enablemore