Social and Local Development


Territorial Strategic Development Plan of Dinnieh Region, North Lebanon

The Strategic Planning is based on the findings of fieldwork carried out in several villages in Dinnieh, which aimed at identifying the major characteristics of the region in different fields. Strategic planning is necessary to empower local authorities and working groups (municipalities, NGOs,more


The Poverty and Equity implications of a rise in the value added tax

This paper examines the impact of a rise in the Value Added Tax (VAT) on poverty and inequality in Lebanon. It develops an empirical model based on consumer demand theory and uses only household survey data on expenditures and spatial price indexes. more


Restoration and Preservation of Lives and Livelihoods

The activities, presented in this brochure, are illustrative of UNDP – European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) funded interventions and support in restoring and preserving livelihoods in the Lebanese most damaged regions. more