Coordinated support to UNRWA in response to the Nahr El Bared Crisis


In May 2007, violent clashes erupted between the Lebanese army and militants from the Fatah Al Islam group in the Nahr El Bared camp. Three months of heavy fighting took place leaving the camp in ruins and 31,000 inhabitants displaced. Similarly, the residents of the surrounding municipalities found themselves partially displaced.
In response to the 2007 crisis, UNDP and UNRWA entered into a mutually supportive relationship in order to provide continuous support to those most affected by the crisis, including the preparation of the Return Plan for refugees and the recovery component of the NBC Emergency Appeal. Collaboration between UNDP and UNRWA resulted in the successful implementation of electricity works in the camp adjacent areas.
In May 2008, UNRWA and UNDP conducted an Environmental Assessment for NBC and surrounding municipalities, which informed the entire recovery and reconstruction process. An agreement was made that UNDP would support UNRWA in the improving the social standards of the beneficiaries through introducing safeguards to ensure a rights-based implementation of the recovery interventions. The intervention is strategically in line with UNDP's approach to reduce regional disparities and promote peace-building approaches through the reduction of tensions between the Lebanese and Palestinian communities. 

Achievements & Expected Results

1. Improve social standards ensuring a rights-based implementation of the reconstruction and recovery interventions through:
- Design of an Institutional Grievance Mechanism for beneficiaries of the reconstruction of NBC to set up a platform for community complaints and concerns to be formally and neutrally processed in order to promote larger participation and ownership of beneficiaries in the reconstruction and recovery activities;
- Implementation of a functioning Institutional Grievance Mechanism for the refugees still displaced from and already returned to Nahr el-Bared Camp;
- Provision of gender-based analysis and mainstreaming gender considerations into NBC recovery and reconstruction activities advocated;
2. Assessing the environmental impacts of the construction activities, including:
- Baseline assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment completed;
- Environmental Management Plan proposed that helps achieve environmental standards in the reconstruction and recovery activities, and ensures sustainability of future operations.


UNRWA $1,199,876.00
BCPR $75,000.00
Total $1,274,876.00
 Year      Expenditures
2008 $963,663.00
2009 $124,198.00
2010 $70,249.00
2011 $55,604.00
2012 $915.00
2013 $31,006.00
Total $1,245,635.00
Project Period
01 August 2009 - 31 December 2013
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