Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings Host Communities


Falling outside the geographic mandate of UNRWA in terms of basic urban services provision and left unattended by local authorities, the 42 Palestinian refugees’ gatherings in Lebanon are considered to be among the most vulnerable. The ongoing influx of Palestinian and Syrian refugees coming from Syria to these gatherings has only amplified a sore situation putting more pressure on an already weak infrastructure and contributing to increased tensions between Palestinian gatherings host communities and neighboring Lebanese communities.
Building on the existing collaboration between the UNDP and UNHABITAT and support by LPDC and UNRWA to enhance living conditions in Palestinian gatherings, the project will seek to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian gatherings host communities by enhancing access to sufficient basic urban service and improving shelter condition in order to reduce tensions and ensure sustainability of services. Project interventions will be implemented using a participatory approach bringing together local actors, surrounding municipalities, and NGOs to agree on priorities and initiate discussion around maintaining services.

Achievements & Expected Results

Living conditions in the Palestinian Gatherings in Lebanon that host Palestinian and Syrian refugees from Syria, improved through better access to basic urban services and shelter conditions.
Output 1: Access to basic urban services improved in host gatherings through the implementation of infrastructure projects and service interventions, taking into account the impact on and connections with surrounding networks.
Output 2: Environmental conditions of shelter units housing Palestinian and Syrian refugees from Syria enhanced in the host gatherings.
Output 3: National database on living conditions in Palestinian gatherings developed and maintained through support to the Lebanese – Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC)


Donors Amount
GoG $2,649,007.00
Japan 2014 $305,500.00
Japan 2015 $1,000,000.00
ERF 2014 $500,000.00
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Kuwait 2014 $90,000.00
USA 2014 $400,000.00
Total $6,991,842.81
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2013 $1,663,561.14
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