Addressing Urban Hot Spots in Lebanon


The project will aim to reduce and mitigate tensions in selected areas of Lebanon with the potential for conflict, in an effort to promote coexistence and civil peace in Lebanon.

Achievements & Expected Results

-National Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Civil-Military Coordination (CIMIC) strategy developed and endorsed (5years plan)
-Capacity development in basic CIMIC courses for LAF officers conducted
-Participatory mapping of conflict dynamics in Tariq el Jdidi carried out
-Reference group for Tariq el Jdidi established
-Capacity building program in Tariq el Jdidi for Youth, Women, Reference group in mediation and conflict resolution designed and launched
-Participatory mapping of conflict dynamics in the Adjacent Areas to Ain el Helwe camp carried out/final stages
-Small scale joint initiatives to address tensions and promote cohesion in Saida (Darb el Sim Municipality/Seerob and Jabal el Halib Adjacents Area to Ain el Helwe camp)
-LAF Consultations for community outreach interventions in Tariq el Jdidi completed


Donor Amount
UNDP $714,178.00
Total $714,178.00
Year Expenditures
2013 $140,943.00
Total $140,943.00