Support to the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee, Phase 3


The Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugees, which became later known as the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), was created in November 2005 by the Council of Ministers, in response to the goal set by the Government of Lebanon (GoL) to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Achievements & Expected Results

This project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the LPDC to develop and implement a comprehensive policy on the Palestinian refugee issues, with a view to improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Project components include:
• Output 1: LPDC inter-ministerial committee strengthened to implement its mandate; and the “Technical” and “Camp Management & Security” committees established and running;
• Output 2: LPDC acts as the focal point for national and international partners, on issues regarding Palestinian refugees in camps and surrounding communities, including the reconstruction of Nahr el Bared camp;
• Output 3: Policy and substantive advice provided to the inter-ministerial committee and the Government of Lebanon on Palestinian Refugees civil rights.


Donor Amount
UNDP $124,007.84
SDC  $315,714.00
NOR  $304,053.51
PMO $400,000.00
Japan 2015 $520,000.00
Total $1,663,775.35
2013 $357,453.86
2014 $453,412.16
Total $810,866.02