Recovery in surrounding communities of NBC (LRF)


In response to the summer 2007 NBC conflict between Fatah Al Islam and the Lebanese Armed Forces, UNDP in January 2008 launched a recovery project “Early recovery of Nahr El Bared surrounding municipalities” focusing on the 6 municipalities surrounding the NBC area, namely; Muhammara, Bebnine, Bhanine, Minieh, Beddawi and Deir Amar, funded by the Italian government. Recognizing that the other 22 surrounding municipalities of Nahr El Bared were also badly affected by the crisis, UNDP received funding from the LRF to expand the recovery work to the third ring.
The main objective of the project is to promote the social cohesion through restoring and improving livelihoods, capacity building and local level dialogue. It was designed to restore livelihoods of 2,000 vulnerable households (13,400 individuals) in the 28 municipalities surrounding NBC that have suffered significant direct or indirect losses during the Nahr el Bared conflict in 2007. In addition, the project aims to provide a solid platform for development efforts in the area, by increasing local capacities of participatory planning, management and implementation of development programmes, as well as, promoting local level dialogue.

Achievements & Expected Results

Project Outputs:
1. Livelihoods of farmers, fishermen and SME owners improved through socio-economic interventions targeting training, technical and asset needs
2. Living conditions and livelihoods of communities improved through small scale infrastructure projects
3. Dialogue improved through local level interventions, particularly targeting youth


Donors Amount
LRF $2,500,000.00
Total $2,500,000.00
Years Expenditures