Support to Lebanon Mine Action Programme – Phase II


The project ‘Support to Lebanon Mine Action Programme’ will support the national mine action programme through the development of the Lebanon Mine Action Centre and the Regional Mine Action Centre into an organisation with improved quality management norms with the capacity to manage all pillars of mine action, according to international and national standards. This will be accomplished through support to the management of clearance operations.
The project will also support the development of a fully national clearance NGO which has the capacity to obtain resources from both national and international donors while conducting priority cluster munitions and/or mine clearances. This national capacity will decrease the dependency on international advisors and support, and increase the efficiency of clearances in Lebanon. The development of the national NGO will be achieved through cooperation and mentorship with an international clearance NGO, and capacity building support.
The project builds upon the 2003-2010 "Capacity Building for Lebanon Mine Action Center" project.

Achievements & Expected Results

- Finalization and dissemination of the 2011-2020 Lebanon Mine Action Strategy
- Support to the re-activation of the International Support Group on Mine Action
-Support, through the technical assistance of the EC-UNDP Information Management officer located in the LMAC, was provided to the completion of a structured national technical survey to quantify the mine/UXO problem in Lebanon and to provide an accurate estimation of time and resources required is almost finalized.
- With the EC/UNDP help and support, strengthening the ability of the LMAC to coordinate operations whilst ensuring the highest quality in mine action activities enabled the LMAC to prioritize clearance assets where they are most needed and enabled the most effective use of clearance resources.
The International Support Group (ISG) was reconvened on December 15th, 2011 after a long absence. The ISG meeting was co-hosted by EU Commission along with the UNDP and the LMAC. UNDP formalised its role as the secretariat of the ISG through the development of a set of rules of procedures for the ISG to improve coordination and prevent duplication of donor activities.
The development of the terms of reference for the clearance contract for cluster munitions, with the technical support of the Lebanese Mine Action Centre (LMAC) and the Regional Mine Action Centre (RMAC), as per the national and international standards, and their clearance by UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR). It should be highlighted that the process of drafting the TOR proved to be a learning experience for the LMAC/RMAC as it fostered coordination and dialogue on the direction that the LMAC wanted to take regarding increasing the role of local NGOs. This process was also an eye opener to LMAC/RMAC in relation to the capacity building needs of local NGO, specifically in terms of management and resource mobilization.
The 2011 LMAC annual report was published and widely shared which helped in better communication on LMAC achievements and resource mobilization.
455,636 square meters of land were cleared from cluster munitions by the end of April 2013 which is above the set target for 2013. The contract with NPA is finalized.
-67% of cleared land is used for agriculture, 17% for residential purposes, 14% for pasture and grazing and 2% for "other".


Donors Amount
ITA $879,951.59
EC $874,367.24
BEL $1,338,688.09
Total $3,093,006.92
Year Expenditures
2011 $684,241.00
2012 $1,787,414.00
2013 $198,153.00
Total $2,938,789.00