Democratic Governance

  • Technical Assistance for Fiscal Management and Reform

    The present project aims to build on the achievements of LEB 00013397 Capacity Development for Fiscal Reform and Management. The project will support the realization of the objectives of public finance policy and the reform initiatives of the MoF.

  • Technical Support to the Lebanese Parliament

    The joint United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon and Lebanese Parliament Project started in 1999, in the framework of a Cooperation Agreement signed by UNDP and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Since 2005, the project has also benefited from the support of UNDP’s Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening.

  • Institutional Assistance for Economic Policy and Trade - Phase II

    The UNDP Project at the Ministry of Economy and Trade was initiated in 2001 with substantive revisions carried out in 2004 and 2005. An external evaluation was carried out for the period between 2001-2010 assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Project in terms of achieved outputs and results.

  • Sustaining and Enhancing the Institutional Capacity of IDAL

    The growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the positive impact such investments can have on economic growth and regional development have lead countries to actively seek to attract inward investment to secure new capital, new jobs, new technologies, and new skills, and to improve their infrastructure, and competitiveness.

  • Towards enhancing Access to Justice , phase II

    Phase I of this project started on March 2007 and it aimed at strengthening the capacities in the Ministry of Justice in order to achieve a more accountable, equitable, effective and human rights based administration of justice.

Our work - Democratic Governance

The Democratic Governance Programme in Lebanon focuses on providing technical support for the development of public institutions, and formulation and implementation of economic, administrative and financial reform policies and legislations. It also supports the formulation of policies related to governance, participation and empowerment.

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