Enhancing Decision-Making at the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers


This project document builds on the experiences of the previous projects and also takes into consideration the recommendations of the outcome evaluation study done in August 2011, especially to better focus the project outputs and activities on the one hand, and develop a transfer of skills gradual plan of the support and core functions staff in agreement with government.
The projects Outcome is: Public Policy Coordination Provided to the OPCM.

Achievements & Expected Results

Output 1.1: Advisory role on infrastructure projects provided.
Output 1.2: Capacity to provide advice on economic and social issues increased. Output 1.3: capacity for coordination and program implementation of the government’s economic and social agenda provided.
Output 1.4: The execution of the National ICT strategy Implementation Plan coordinated


Donor Amount
PMO $1,440,932.00
PMO $1,440,932.00
PMO $1,440,932.00
Total $4,322,796.00

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