Fiscal Policy Advisory and Reform


The present project aims to build on the achievements of LEB 00013397 Capacity Development for Fiscal Reform and Management. The project will support the realization of the objectives of public finance policy and the reform initiatives of the MoF.
The Project will support the Ministry through policy advisory and technical support and through the subsequent phases of preparation, implementation and monitoring of the reform plan. It will consist of a team of specialists, mainly economists, legal advisors, and IT, project planning and implementation specialists. This team will ensure a more efficient achievement of the policy objectives and reform programme and projects of the MoF. The Project will support the Ministry for a period of three years and will be implemented according to the Policy Advisory and Support Unit modality, which is grounded in multi-year planning and funding and assembles highly qualified professionals organized in high-performance teams

Achievements & Expected Results

-Providing policy advice, including coordination and consensus building on national policies;
-Preparing and implementing reform projects, including through best practice and their replication, and accompanying assistance from other providers by providing a platform for action and a bridge and linkage with the administration
-Enhancing existing capacities in the administration, such as effective communication and negotiations with foreign parties, legal support in terms of international parties and agreements …;
-Providing for missing capacity and building new capacity, such as for essential functions of the public administration which do not exist or cannot be fulfilled in the absence of deep administrative reform, e.g. policy analysis and coordination, process re-engineering; highly specialized functions such as debt management; consolidation and harmonization of data, including quality assurance; promoting of the international development agenda
-Resource mobilization and coordination of both financial assistance and technical assistance to MoF;


Donor Amount         
Prior Expenditures $0.00
2011 $1,654,853.10
Total $1,654,853.10
Year Amount         
Prior Expenditures $0.00
2011 $1,654,853.10
Total $1,654,853.10

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