Institutional Capacity Development of the Railway and Public Transportation Authority


The project aims to support the modernization of the Railway and Public Transportation Authority. The main outcome of the designed project is to provide the necessary institutional capacity to the Railway and Public Transportation Authority to define, develop, and implement potential and strategic public transportation projects, as well as deliver a technical assistance in the implementation of reforms aiming at the modernization, and efficiency of both the institution and the public transportation sector in Lebanon. The project will develop a strategy to enhance the institutional capacities of the Railway and Public Transport Authority, and provide support through the subsequent phases for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the reform plan and strategy.

Achievements - Expected Results - Issues & Difficulties



·         Provided a technical support and daily follow up on the on-going projects in public transport sector carried out by the World Bank (WB), European Investment Bank (EIB), the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

·          Built up partnership between RPTA and International donors besides creating linkages with external stakeholders.

·         Developed and implemented RPTA complaint management system application

·         Strengthened and moved forward in implementing efficiently the MOU agreement signed between the UNDP and the EIB.

·         Updated the regulations and frameworks of the authority by submitting an assessment report to strengthen the institutional capacity of RPTA based on current organizational structure, current staff and their qualifications, functional job descriptions, Internal institutional bylaws, and working methods and procedures. On the second hand, worked on a final report suggesting new organizational structure, new functional job descriptions, required number of staff with proper qualification for recruitment, employees’ salary scale and new working methods.


Expected Results


·         A master plan and a two-year implementation strategy for common transportation (railways, and buses) developed.

·         Updated institutional and technical structural capacities of the RPTA;

·         Provision of support to the RPTA to coordinate and manage ongoing and potential technical projects.

·         Identification of priority needs for external funding and creating linkages with resource organizations.


Issues & Difficulties


·         Delays may occur in the development and implementation of the project activities due to the complexity and time needed to complete the defined action plan within the actual local and international context.

·         The recruitment of the remaining project team was delayed. Further recruitment of the project’s team is required to achieve a solid and sustainable output during the project’s duration of three years.



$1,288, 300.00            
Total $1,288, 300.00     

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