Support Office for Consensus Building, Civil Peace, and Constitutional Strengthening II


The aim of this project is to support consensus building, sustainable civil peace, constitutional strengthening and stakeholder dialogues in Lebanon and in the MENA region. This support will be provided through technical assistance, technical information and shared knowledge resources, collective and action research, common meeting spaces for stakeholders, expertise and other essential resources.
Support will be available to all national concerned parties and stakeholders, including relevant government ministries, civil society organizations, and structures and institutions responsible for political and constitutional reforms.
The principal outcomes of the project are as follows:
1. Support to national dialogues’ structures, mechanisms and committees provided; and
2. Support to problem-solving and consensus building, on essential policy issues provided.
The four Outputs are:
1.1 Support to dialogues, dialogue structures, policy making bodies, and consensus building mechanisms provided;
2.1. Political and constitutional reforms and dialogues supported and strengthened;
2.2. Deadlock breaking mechanisms, safety nets, and civil peace support created;
2.3. Regional technical support and knowledge resources provided;
2.4. Common Space Initiative operations and management efficiency enhanced

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