Technical Support to the Lebanese Parliament


The joint United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon and Lebanese Parliament Project started in 1999, in the framework of a Cooperation Agreement signed by UNDP and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Since 2005, the project has also benefited from the support of UNDP’s Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening
This project supports the efforts of the Parliament in achieving its developmental objectives, reinforcing its structures, processes and human resources in order to improve the effectiveness of its legislative, oversight and representative functions
The project will support the Parliament for a period of 3 years.

Achievements & Expected Results

The project aims to implement an internship program, develop the capacities of employees and reform critical and crucial issues addressed. This output will include the following activities:

1.1 Providing logistical support to parliamentary committees and organizing public hearings between the relevant committee, government, local authorities and CSOs on issues of national dialogue policies as required (Decentralization, Deconfessionalism, electoral law reform, etc.)
1.2 Strengthening the research capacities of Parliamentarian and Parliamentary committees to engage on citizenship and civil peace issues, and strengthen their interface with their constituents on these issues;
1.3 Establishing a Lebanese Parliament Internship Program (LPIP) for university students and offer Members of Parliament the opportunity to receive adequate support, through a matching system.
1.4 Developing the capacity of the Parliamentary administration and staff on among others linguistic skills, research capacity, and legislative analysis and processes.
1.5 Establishing an electronic library with comparative studies and data, which would be constantly updated and include specialized areas to support the legislative functions of parliamentarians, including in critical civil peace building areas (Decentralization, deconfessionalism, electoral law reform…)
1.6 Conducting legislative reviews and policy reform papers on among others gender perspectives (gender equality and women empowerment), human rights, and children rights, as well as pending legislative areas
1.7 Providing support in establishing inter-parliamentary partnership focusing on various cooperation areas


Donor Amount   
Parliament $225,000.00
UNDP $150,000.00
Total $375,000.00
Year Expenditures       
Prior Expenditures
2011 $85,804.64              
Total $85,804.64

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