Technical Support to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities


UNDP proposes to provide support to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities along two main axes. The first would support the ministry in project management, communication, information and communication technology, coordination and fundraising. And the second would provide technical assistance to the ministry in priority areas, namely: electoral law reform and technical support, civil registry directorate modernization, civil defence capacity building, improving road safety, enhancing participation and human rights, promoting local development and environmental safety.

The project will focus on one overarching outcome, which consists of implementing a three-year Master Plan at the MOIM, which will be achieved through the following three specific outputs:

1) Institutional capacity enhanced and viable measures for the MOIM Master Plan developed and implemented;
2) Policy Development Capacity increased at MOIM; and
3) Inclusive Participation and Human Rights Enhanced.


NOR $331,066.00
UNDP $50,000.00
Total $381,066.00
Year Expenditures             
Prior Expenditures
2011 $313,532.00
Total $313,532.00