Towards enhancing Access to Justice , phase II


Phase I of this project started on March 2007 and it aimed at strengthening the capacities in the Ministry of Justice in order to achieve a more accountable, equitable, effective and human rights based administration of justice.
Within this framework, the project focused on building capacity for judicial reform, starting with an assessment of the situation and the administration of justice in Lebanon as well as their adherence to international human rights laws and conventions in order to mainstream human rights into the Lebanese judicial processes and administration.
The aim of Phase II of this project is to develop and enhance the capacity of the MoJ mainly through the support of the IT staff in implementing the Beirut Court automation Master plan. It also focuses on improving state legal aid and enhancing access to information through the establishment of Help Desks, Republishing of the Judiciary Review and the development of a Media and Publication Campaign

Achievements & Expected Results

The project’s main objectives and outputs are as follows:

I- Development of the Institutional Capacities of the MoJ:
1. Implementing the recommendation of the Policy Paper of Phase I relevant to reducing the cost of justice.
2. Support to the reform of the Lebanese criminal law.
3. Technical Support to the Ministry by creating an IT Unit composed of highly qualified IT experts to automate services at the MoJ.
4. Equipment of the IT Unit.
5. Enhancing Internet for the MoJ and the Beirut Palace Court

II- Improvement of State Legal Aid:
Support to structure and improve effective legal aid.

III- Enhancing access to information:
1. Publication of a guide for unifying the collection of the judiciary fees.
2. Establishment of a Help Desk Unit at the General Prosecution in charge of handling all citizens' requests as well as an Information Help Desk aiming at helping public navigate through the complexity of the courts.
3. Installation of name plates and floor maps at the Beirut Court Palace.
4. Expansion of the E-Library at the Ministry of Justice. This includes:
• Rendering the E-Library accessible to all judges by putting it online
• Creating E-Libraries within the courts accessible to all judges.
• Promoting the use of the E-Library through an awareness campaign addressed to all judges.
5. Republication of the Judiciary Review (hard and soft copy).
6. Public Awareness Campaign through media as well as through publications such as pamphlets, brochures guides etc…

IV- Support to the donors' coordination meetings.


 Donor Amount
EC $1,375,000.00
UNDP $48,000.00
Total $1,423,000.00
2011 $230,613.85
Total $343,250.52