Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals, Phase III


TOKTEN in Lebanon was launched in 2005 and it follows the global UNDP concept and mechanisms to tap into the capacities of national expatriates and mobilize them for short-term consultancies in their countries of origin, at a relatively low cost.

The objective is to reduce the adverse effects of brain-drain. A new phase was launched as of January 1, 2013.

Achievements & expected Results

1 All trainees’ evaluations scored above 85%.
2 TOKTEN in Lebanon has to date implemented 30 missions in more than 16 institutions.
3 More than 650 Lebanese public staff have benefited from trainings by TOKTEN missions.
4 All beneficiaries reported satisfaction from this project including:
5 Ministry of Health, (Cancer Treatment Protocol)
6 Internal Security Forces (Cyber Crimes)
7 Lebanese Armed Forces (Cyber Defence)
8 Ministry of Public Works and Transport, (Bridge and Tunnel Maintenance)
9 Ministry of Agriculture ( cooperatives Mechanization)
10 Ministry of Economy and Trade (Food Safety)
11 Ministry of telecommunications, (Addressing system design)
12 National Council for scientific Research, ( Geodesy Network)
13 Ministry of Tourism (Sea and Ski Resorts’ safety)
14 Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Affairs. (Project Management Training)
15 Ministry of Industry (Food Safety production guidelines)


Donor Amount
CDR $105,000.00
UNDP $45,000.00
PS $4,571.00
Total $154,571.00

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