Integrated Solid Waste Management of Baalbek Caza


Given that solid waste management remains a critical environmental issue in Lebanon, at both the policy and local/implementation level, the Ministry of Environment has secured funds from the Government of Italy (Embassy of Italy) to undertake a pilot solid waste management plan and implementation in the Caza of Baalbek in North Lebanon.
The project aims to develop capacities at the Ministry of Environment and Baalbek Municipality for the solid waste management; a sanitary landfill will be constructed and the existing dump site in Baalbek will be restored as pilot activities.

Achievements & Expected Results

- Building a sanitary landfill in Caza of Baalbek.
- Clean-up of Archaeological Site of Baalback


Donors Amount
ITA $2,476,190.00
Total $2,476,190.00
2011 $0.00
2012 $153,077.70
Total $153,077.70
Project Period
01 January 2011 - 31 December 2014
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