Lebanon’s Low Emission Capacity Building project


This project fits into Outcome 5 of the Lebanon UNDAF which aims to improve the accessibility and management of natural resources and enhance responses to national and global environmental challenges. Furthermore, it meets the Country Programme of the UNDP in Lebanon specifically related to identifying the effects of climate change and implementing measures to adapt to climate change. This project will raise awareness on climate change and build capacity on the issue in the concerned line ministries as well as set an action plan for Lebanon to boost its green economy.

Achievements & Expected Results

The stocktaking and stakeholder consultations aim to deliver a practical project proposal, which will be discussed and agreed on with stakeholders before submission to the donor.


Donors Amount
EC $32,100.00
Total $672,100.00
Year Expenditures
2012 $14,980.00
Total $14,980.00
Project Period
11 April 2012 - 31 December 2015