National Action Programme to Mainstream Climate Change into Lebanon’s Development Agenda


The proposed project is in in line with the Government of Lebanon’s plan of action, as mentioned in the first national communication report to the UNFCCC, and reiterated in the Second National Communication report to the UNFCCC. Furthermore, the proposed project builds on the on-going renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives of the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Sustainable Energy Strategy project of the Ministry of Finance as well as Ministry of Agriculture’s adaptation efforts. Overall, this project will work to meet the national priority of achieving the 12% renewable energy mix target by 2020 to move towards a Low Carbon/Emission Economy, as well as provide a directive for national adaptation activities leading to a national low emission climate resilient development strategies.

Achievements & Expected Results

The Project's outputs are:
1- Engagement of ministries and governmental institutions in continuous planning/decision making on climate change issues.
2- Identification and development national sectoral NAMAs and pilot demonstration adaptation plans
3- Engagement of Lebanon in the international climate change arena and promoting new national and international climate financial mechanisms


Donor Amount Total
LRF $500,000.00 $500,000.00
Project Duration
March 2013 - March 2015