The Rehabilitation of Saida Dumpsite


Saida dumpsite is located in the southern part of the city of Saida, at the sea front, only 200 meters from nearby residences and commercial units. The city urban areas are closely surrounding the landfill site at a distance of several hundred meters.

Managed by the Municipality of Saida, the dumpsite receives about 300 tons of solid waste per day from 15 municipalities (or 250,000 people). Originally established in 1982 to receive rubble and demolition waste from destroyed buildings, the dumpsite has since received all kinds of waste, an estimated 1,500,000m3 so far (60 percent rubble and 40 percent municipal waste). The waste mountain stretches 55 meters high from the surrounding terrain, and covers an area of 60,000m²; it is an enduring eyesore and health threat to local residents and tourists. The environmental repercussions are severe; occupational hazards related to incoming health care waste, recurring waste slides into the Mediterranean Sea, and stench have invited countless complaints from local fishermen and residents, in addition to official complaints from the neighbouring island of Cyprus. The Dumpsite has no basal lining barrier and no leachate collection system. The site is not connected to the public water supply system; the water is supplied by water truck delivery.

Achievements & Expected Results

This project aims at rehabilitating the existing Saida landfill to solve an environmentally unacceptable situation and to use the land again for the benefit of the Saida municipality. The procedure of the rehabilitation is “Landfill Mining” which includes a treatment of excavated waste at site to produce secondary construction material complying with local and EU standards. To enable rehabilitation of the Saida landfill, acceptance of waste will have to cease at the moment the rehabilitation starts. Daily incoming municipal solid waste will be transported to and processed at an alternative facility.

The project will be implemented with the Ministry of the Environment and will be coordinated very closely with the municipality of Saida.


Donor Amount Total
MOE $25,245,297.53 $25,245,297.53

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