Safeguarding and Restoring Lebanon’s Woodland Resources


The long-term goal of this GEF funding request is to complement the on-the ground investments undertaken through the National Reforestation Program through the creation of an enabling environment and by building capacity for sustainable land management as a contribution to greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security and improved rural livelihoods. The rationale is to remove the institutional, economic, technical barriers to Sustainable Land Management in this sector in order to enable National Reforestation Plan to meet its targets and up-scale forestry Sustainable Land Management models and approaches over 20 years at the national scale. The immediate objective is to develop a strategy for safeguarding and restoring Lebanon’s woodland resources and assist its implementation through capacity building and execution of appropriate SLM policies and practices.

Achievements & Expected Results

- An appropriate management framework and management capacities for the safeguarding and restoration of degraded forest areas.
- A set of innovative technologies and instruments for the restoration of forests and woodlands, and their subsequent sustainable management, has been designed and validated in pilot areas.
- Monitoring, learning, adaptive feedback and management.


Donor Amount
GEF $980,000.00
Total $980,000.00
2009 $97,547.89
2010 $110,473.29
2011 $157,096.04
2012 $196,883.92
Total $562,001.14