Supporting Lebanese Communities, Promoting Stabilization and Social Cohesion in Lebanon – Access to renewable energy applications in Akkar


Lebanon is facing a major crisis in terms of large numbers of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, and finding shelter within Lebanese cities and towns across the country. The influx of refugees is adding pressure on the existing social and infrastructure of Lebanon which is already in a delicate state. The UNDP, through its Energy and Environment Programme, is working with UNHCR to support Lebanese Host communities in the Akkar region in order to strengthen their resilience and support in meeting basic local needs in terms of energy supply and consumption. Energy was already a major problem in Lebanon even before the Syrian crisis. Now it has augmented with this crisis, where at least 9-12 hours of blackout occurs per day exist, and the delivery of hot water is not guaranteed.

The project aims at installing different types of renewable energy technologies in the region of Akkar, North Lebanon. Systems include photovoltaic street lighting, small-PV generation systems for household lighting, and solar hot water systems for facilities to deliver basic hot water for bathing and washing.

Achievements & Expected Results

The implementation team (Field Coordinator and Driver) in Akkar will work under the direct supervision of CEDRO Project


In addition to the preparation of all logistics (recruitment, rental of office and car, …), the main activities of this phase are as follows:

1-Visit all potential sites/beneficiaries in Akkar, determine and document the exact location of all sites; The actual locations/beneficiaries of the project will be selected upon completion of detailed assessment and in close coordination with UNHCR and other partners. The activities will need to be presented at and endorsed by Akkar Community Support Projects (CSP) Committee.

2-Under the supervision of CEDRO Team, design the systems and select the most convenient technology per identified site;

3-Draft ITB TORs for street lighting poles, PV systems, Pico-PV and SHW.

4-Procurement, installation, and commissioning of RE systems.


Issues & Difficulties

Access to implementation sites under security constrains


Donors & Budget
UNHCR $1,616,947.85
NET $1,706,400.00
Total $3,323,347.85
Target Groups /Beneficiaries
Lebanese Citizens
Vulnerable Groups

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