Sustainable Land Management in the Qaroun Watershed - Preparation Phase


UNDP has recently received a small fund from the GEF to initiate a new project new project falling into biodiversity and land degradation themes. Within this preparatory phase, UNDP is expected to develop the full project document in collaboration with the national stakeholders and counterparts. The final outputs (project document) prepared by the National and International consultants will be submitted for the GEF’s approval in order to proceed with the project full phase.

Achievements & Expected Results

- Elaborate on and analyse the ‘baseline project investments’ with particular focus on the policy, regulatory and methodological setting of the project for sustainable land management in the Qaraoun Watershed;
- Assess the capacity of different agencies to support the implementation of project activities;
- Design an detail the specifics of on-the-ground action (ILUMPs and Component 2); and
- Undertake the feasibility and risk analysis, develop the strategy and the budget


Donor Amount Total
GEF  $100,000.00 $100,000.00