Social and Local Development

  • The Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP) is developed under the framework of the UNDP response to the impact of the SYrian crisis in Lebanon (Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Program).

  • Support to the Economic and Social Fund for Development

    The project will support the Economic and Social Fund for Development through enhancing employment opportunities and community development activities.

  • Regional Development Programme in Akkar - Phase II

    Considering various socio-economic and development indicators, Akkar has the highest poverty rate and is the most deprived region in Lebanon. In partnership with CDR, UNDP implemented the first phase of the Regional Development Programme in Akkar (2003-2009) covering the majority of Akkar villages where municipalities are operational.

  • Reviving Farmers’ Livelihood in South Lebanon

    The project aims at contributing to the promotion of rural development and poverty alleviation, through overcoming agricultural constraints and assisting the small and poor farmers in reducing the production costs, increasing quality of produce and overcoming post-harvesting barriers.

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