Social and Local Development

  • ART GOLD Beirut Southern Suburbs

    More than one third of the entire Lebanese population is estimated to live in Beirut Southern Suburbs. One of the country’s poverty pockets stretching across a relatively small area of 28 km2 only. Beirut Southern Suburbs is confronted with serious challenges affecting the wellbeing of its nearly 1 million residents, of whom youth constitute a large majority.

  • ART GOLD North

    North Lebanon is largely recognized to comprise some of the poorest segments of the Lebanese population. ART GOLD operation in North Lebanon covers the three districts of Akkar, Minnieh Dennieh and Tripoli due to their relative increased poverty. The living conditions survey of 2004-2005 showed that out of the seven districts in northern Lebanon, Akkar, Minnieh Dennieh and Tripoli occupy the first rank in the table of poverty districts.

  • ART GOLD Bekaa

    The UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon is an international cooperation programme operating in four areas of Lebanon towards the improvement of their social and economic development. The programme focuses on three main themes: local economic development, decentralized cooperation aiming to enhance the exchange of expertise, and the participatory work to attain national ownership.

  • Support to the Achievement of the MDGs

    The project addresses a number of issues for the attainment of the MDGs in Lebanon, including MDG costing, preparation of poverty profile and sectoral reports for MDG achievement, localizing the MDGs in two regions, capacity building for monitoring the MDGs, preparation of an update for the MDGR, and advocacy for the MDGs.


    In Lebanon, empowering local communities needs to be at the center of development. The country has long suffered the effects of war, instability and the resulting increase in poverty and regional disparities. This has considerably weakened the population nationwide while impacting more broadly the marginalized and most vulnerable groups of youth and women.

Our work - Local and social Development

UNDP's support in the area of social and local development focuses on policy and operational support. At the upstream level, UNDP provides policy advice for the development of national policies for social development and poverty reduction and makes available relevant reports and assessments. At the downstream level, UNDP supports the implementation of local development initiatives in the poorest areas of the country, including South Lebanon, Bekaa, North Lebanon and Beirut Southern Suburbs.

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