ART GOLD Beirut Southern Suburbs


More than one third of the entire Lebanese population is estimated to live in Beirut Southern Suburbs. One of the country’s poverty pockets stretching across a relatively small area of 28 km2 only.

Beirut Southern Suburbs is confronted with serious challenges affecting the wellbeing of its nearly 1 million residents, of whom youth constitute a large majority. From lack of basic social health services, to poor quality of education, aimless vulnerable youth, increased rates of school drop outs, and lack of job opportunities especially among youth and women, the situation poses a threat to the lives and development of thousands of families. 

ART GOLD, through its strong local networks and partnerships with municipal authorities, is addressing the many challenges in Beirut southern suburbs while implementing medium to long-term community development projects. Most of these projects are undertaken jointly with the Italian Decentralized Cooperation partners, who are providing technical assistance and sharing their experiences and best practices with the local communities. Key sectors of focus include health care, local economic development, youth empowerment, education and governance. 

Achievements & Expected Results

Art Gold has implemented more than 30 projects in Beirut Southern Suburbs since 2007 through the partnerships with Principality of Monaco, governments of Italy and Spain, and through the Italian Decentralized Cooperation. Projects are identified and prioritised by the working groups that were supported and established by the programme.

The programme has also supported the establishment of the Local Economic Development Agency that aims to empower small enterprises, women and youth in the region. 

Expected results:

-Support youth integration through reinforcement of youth municipal centers capacities,
-Support enhanced quality of public health services through enforcing the existing PHCCs and operating new ones
-Support the local economic development activities namely support to women entrepreneurs, handicrafts, mechanics amongst other sectors
-Enforce the capacities of local authorities and working groups and elaborate territorial plans for the region


Donors Amount
LRF $388,720.00
ALM $36,380.00
MON $169,764.00
ITA $1,087,945.00
SPA $556,561.00
Lombardia $21,797.00
Total $2,261,167.00
Year Expenditures
2007 $84,756.00
2008 $447,496.00
2009 $595,012.00
2010 $583,379.00
2011 $527,310.00
Total $2,237,953.00
project duration
01 January 2007 - 31 December 2013