The UNDP ART GOLD Lebanon is an international cooperation programme operating in four areas of Lebanon towards the improvement of their social and economic development. The programme focuses on three main themes: local economic development, decentralized cooperation aiming to enhance the exchange of expertise, and the participatory work to attain national ownership. 

Areas of operation:

- North Lebanon area, namely the districts of Akkar, Minnieh-Dinnieh and Tripoli- Beb Al Tebbaneh
- South Lebanon area, namely the districts of Marjeyoun, Bint Jbeil, Tyre, Nabatiyeh and Hasbaya 
- The Bekaa region, namely the districts of Rashaya, West Bekaa, Hermel and Baalbek 
- Beirut Southern Suburbs, which was included at a later stage in the aftermath of the July 2006 war

Achievements & Expected Results

- Enhance the preservation of the environment towards an integrated management of water and forest conservation
- Increase in the income generation and employment opportunities, focusing on women and youth groups in the sectors of agriculture, agro-industries and small enterprises (shoe-making, pottery, glass industry, fishery, beekeeping, etc.)
- Increase youth participation in local development processes
- Improve the quality of health services and expanding the number of beneficiaries from the primary services


Donors Amount
ITA $1,185,913.00
ACCD $225,770.00
ALM $211,742.00
MON $72,833.00
LRF $223,940.00
BEL $623,868.00
SPA $324,900.00
Veneto $96,244.00
AEXCID $71,530.00
Total $3,036,740.00
Year Expenditures
2007 $455,925.00
2008 $673,263.00
2009 $558,773.00
2010 $793,778.00
2011 $398,313.00
Total $2,880,052.00