North Lebanon is largely recognized to comprise some of the poorest segments of the Lebanese population. ART GOLD operation in North Lebanon covers the three districts of Akkar, Minnieh Dennieh and Tripoli due to their relative increased poverty. The living conditions survey of 2004-2005 showed that out of the seven districts in northern Lebanon, Akkar, Minnieh Dennieh and Tripoli occupy the first rank in the table of poverty districts. Some of the most serious challenges confronting the three districts are the low levels of education among population, shortage of health services, youth unemployment, lack of agricultural extension services, poor human resource capacities of municipal councils, in addition to the lack of strategic plans for development. 

Given the clearly identified needs of the Northern region, mainly in the three districts, the ART GOLD programme in North Lebanon, relying upon the large network of established partners and stakeholders, works towards addressing some of the identified needs of the communities of the three districts and contribute to the development and well being of the population specifically the more vulnerable groups within the communities. This is undertaken in close observance of the significant role of women and youth, and the need to include them in all activities, not only as recipients, but rather as active participants in the community development process.

ART Gold in North Lebanon targets the sectors of agriculture, health, education, governance and local economic development paying special attention to vulnerable groups including farmers, youth and women. Projects are identified and prioritised by the working groups that were supported and established by the programme.

Achievements & Expected Results

In North Lebanon, ART Gold has implemented 52 projects since 2007 through the partnerships with Principality of Monaco, governments of Belgium, Italy and Spain, and through the Decentralized.

One of the main achievements of the programme during 2011 is to support local communities of Dinnieh region in the elaboration of a strategic development plan to advance development and achieve prosperity in the region.

ART GOLD also supported the establishment of the Local Economic Development Agency in North Lebanon that provides technical assistance to SMEs and cooperatives to help optimize their marketing efforts and increase revenue.

expected results:

-Support youth integration through establishment of active youth centers, and advocate for their effective role within their communities 
-Support enhanced quality of public health services through enforcing the existing primary health care centers
-Support the agricultural activities namely support to women cooperatives, agro-industry, milk and honey value chains
-Enforce the capacities of local authorities and working groups and elaborate territorial plans for the region


Donors Amount
ITA $831,093.00
ALM $66,380.00
LRF $384,440.00
BEL $563,300.00
SPA $204,900.00
MON $32,402.00
CoL $9,621.00
Total $2,092,136.00
Year Expenditures
2007 $48,320.00
2008 $322,190.00
2009 $443,557.00
2010 $652,939.00
2011 $363,506.00
Total $1,830,512.00