South Lebanon, long neglected and once enmeshed in regional and internal conflicts, includes two of the poorest districts in country: Marjeyoun and Bint Jbeil. The lack of quality public services, environmental degradation, youth social exclusion, and the poor livelihood condition of the majority of the population are among the main challenges confronting the region.

ART GOLD in south Lebanon in collaboration with the working groups coordinates with a large and diverse network of partners including the communities, local authorities, community based organizations, NGOs, donor agencies, and relevant government institutions at the regional level. ART GOLD aims to build local capacities and address the more pressing community development needs of the region in general and of the targeted districts of Tyre, Nabatieh, Bint Jbeil, Hasbaya and Marjeyoun in particular. Sectors of intervention include environment, governance, local economic development, and youth empowerment.

Achievements & Expected Results

The project has implemented more than 60 projects since 2007 through partnerships with Monaco Principality and governments of Italy and Spain. Environmental projects were undertaken in partnership with the Italian decentralized cooperation. All projects are identified and prioritised by the working groups that were supported and established by the programme.

ART GOLD in South Lebanon supported the establishment of the Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) that provides technical assistance to Small enterprises and cooperatives in order to help optimize their marketing efforts and increase revenues. The LEDA also provides support to the more vulnerable groups in the community including youth and women. 

Expected Results:

-Support to environmental preservation namely waste and water management and energy preservation 
-Strengthen youth groups and integration of youth to be effective members in their communities 
-Support the agricultural activities namely support to women cooperatives, agro-industry, milk and honey value chains
-Enforce the capacities of local authorities and working groups and elaborate territorial plans for the region


Donors Amount
ITA $1,280,502.00
ACCD $167,729.00
ALM $66,380.00
MON $32,402.00
LRF $404,770.00
SPA $726,246.00
Veneto $21,306.00
PS $6,527.00
PS $0.00
Total $2,705,862.00
Year Expenditures
2007 $108,092.00
2008 $865,419.00
2009 $300,246.00
2010 $821,131.00
2011 $410,021.00
Total $2,504,909.00