Enhancing Capacity for Social Development


The project “Enhancing Capacity for Social Development” will support the Ministry to be transformed from a Ministry of Social Affairs to a Ministry of Social Development, to be able to play a leading role in improving the livelihood of local communities and vulnerable groups.
The project will focus on 2 main components: MoSA’s new mandate to respond to emerging social needs, and capacity development (MoSA staff, NGOs) on social development-related issues and needs.

Achievements & Expected Results

The project will focus on two main components:
- MoSA new mandate that responds to emerging social needs;
- Capacity development (MoSA staff, NGOs, MoSA criteria and procedure).

It will be implemented through 4 main activities to reach the overall output of “Strengthening national and civil society capacities to formulate and implement social development strategies”.
Activity 1: Technical assistance provided towards the formulation of a comprehensive policy for social development
Activity 2: Criteria, standards and contractual procedures set between MoSA and NGOs
Activity 3: MoSA Training Center Developed and supported
Activity 4: Development gateway established


Donors Amount
MOSA $600,000.00
UNDP $200,000.00
Total $800,000.00
2014 USD 67,410
2013 USD 860
Total USD 68,270