Regional Development Programme in Akkar - Phase II


Considering various socio-economic and development indicators, Akkar has the highest poverty rate and is the most deprived region in Lebanon. In partnership with CDR, UNDP implemented the first phase of the Regional Development Programme in Akkar (2003-2009) covering the majority of Akkar villages where municipalities are operational. The Programme focused on empowering the existing 95 municipalities in Akkar, and developing their capacities for better service delivery at the local level. Notwithstanding, the programme was not able to target many villages due to the absence of local authority representation or local institutions (municipalities, cooperatives, local associations). One of those villages is Wadi Khaled, the deepest poverty pocket in Lebanon. Thus, there is an expansion of the programme to Wadi Khaled to assess and address the needs in the absence of local authorities. The foreseen plans include establishing five new municipalities following the Municipal 2010 Elections. The programme will implement the prioritized needs in the previously targeted region based on the local development plans formulated during the phase I of the programme. Municipalities, youth groups, cooperatives, and local associations (with special focus on the women associations) will remain the main partners benefiting from the programme activities.

Achievements & Expected Results

1- Local capacities strengthened to formulate and implement socio-economic development initiatives.

2- Local economic development strengthened.

3- Youth mobilization activities strengthened and inclusive participation in community development enhanced.


Donors Amount
Lebanese Council for Development         USD 400,000
UNDP USD 100,000
USD 500,000
Year Expenditures
2013 USD 45,572
2012 USD 195,048
2011 USD 178,448
Total USD 419,069

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