Reviving Farmers’ Livelihood in South Lebanon


The project built upon the established and continued field presence of UNDP in South Lebanon since 2000, and strong links at the institutional level with the Ministry of Agriculture in addition to communities on the ground. Moreover, it directly responds to the Ministry of Agriculture priority needs as expressed in the July 2011 Ministerial Statement and in its work plan, in addition to the incorporating bottom-up local development needs from municipalities and partners.

The project aims at contributing to the promotion of rural development and poverty alleviation, through overcoming agricultural constraints and assisting the small and poor farmers in reducing the production costs, increasing quality of produce and overcoming post-harvesting barriers. This will mainly be conducted through establishing a wholesale fruit and vegetable farmers' market in the Muhafazat of Nabatieh which badly need such market place and vital extension services as a direct response to identified livelihood enhancement obstacles in the region.

Expected Outcomes

By 2014, the socio-economic status of vulnerable groups their access to sustainable livelihood opportunities and quality basic social services are improving within a coherent policy framework of reduction of regional disparities.

Local governance structures in target under-served regions strengthened for better representation, participation and basic local services delivery.

Capacities of institutions and community groups strengthened for effective formulation and implementation of decentralized policies and regional and local development plans including women and youth


Donor Amount                  
Lebanese Recovery fund USD 700,000
Municipality of Nabatieh USD 600,000
TOTAL USD 1,300,000
Year        Expenditure
2014                  USD 394,458     
2013 USD 27,881
TOTAL USD 422,340

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