Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP)


The Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP) is developed under the framework of the UNDP response to the impact of the SYrian crisis in Lebanon (Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Programme).

Joinlty with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), LHSP implements since 2013 a comprehensive coordinated and durable response, for increasing stability and buidling the ability of the communities affected by the Syrian crisis to address tensions, prevent conflict and ensure peaceful co-existence to the effect of the crisis, through improving livelihood and services provision.

LHSP targets the poorest communities with the higher risk of tension and conflict due to the number of Syrian refugees and ratio between them and the Lebanese population, supporting their response to the crisis through full coordination with local authorities, and in collaboration with concerned line ministries.

Achievements & Expected Results

LHSP supports the implementation of projects that:

- Increase and improve the delivery of basic services at community level
- Improve the ability of vulnerable groups, especially women and youth to cope with and recover from economic crisis through livelihood and local economic opportunities (such as job creation, micro-small-meduim enterprises development)
- Improve the capacities of municipalities in the response to the crisis among their comunity, promoting conflict management


UNDP                USD 325,000.00
UNHCR     USD 7,110,825.65
DENMARK USD 1,299,012.87
ECUADOR USD 500,000.00
ITALY USD 876,095.12
JAPAN USD 1,300,000.00
MONACO USD 67,934.78
US USD 261,500.00
DFID USD 8,159,557.66
EU USD 1,122,783.45
GERMANY USD 12,391,573.74
LRF USD 5,531,469.86
VALDESE USD 155,666.25
Grand Total USD 39,101,419.38

          Year                                            Expenditure                               
2014 USD 8,910,130
2013 USD 3,545,815
TOTAL USD 12,455,945

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