Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP)


Following the recent significant deterioration of the situation in Syria, Lebanon is witnessing a sharply rising influx of refugees along the northern and eastern borders. A rapid socio-economic assessment carried out by UNDP in these areas indicates that refugees represent a major and increasing burden on host communities, competing for already limited social services, employment and other economic opportunities. Recent reports from humanitarian actors point towards mounting frustration among host communities who feel neglected in the face of support exclusively targeting refugees. The project has the ultimate aim of increasing and sustaining stability in the areas affected by Syrian crisis through improving livelihoods and service provision in a conflict sensitive manner. The project aims to contribute to the efforts to improve economic recovery, community security and social cohesion in the affected Lebanese communities through an inclusive community based approach which will increase livelihoods options and local level service delivery.

Achievements & Expected Results

- Livelihood and economic opportunities increased
- Capacity of local actors (government and civil society) strengthened in the delivery of basic services in a participatory manner and coordination of service delivery by all stakeholders
- Local level dispute resolution and community security improved
- Strengthening the capacity of the Government of Lebanon to respond to the influx of Syrian refugees


Donors Amount
Ecuador $500,000.00
Monaco $67,934.00
European Union  $1,600,000.00
UK (DFID)  $8,333,333.00
Japan $773,500.00
Germany (LRF/ Lebanon Recovery Fund)  $2,849,883.00
UNHCR $676,630.00
Italy $407,056.00
UNDP BCPR   $500,000.00
Kuwait $297,000.00
United States   $261,000.00
Mexico $1,000,000.00
DANIDA $2,448,711.00
Waldensian Church  $650,000.00
Total $20,365,047.00
Project duration
01 December 2012 – 30 November 2014
Relevant News
$ 1.7 Billion Appeal to Assist Spiraling Number of Refugees from Syria and Affected People in Lebanon

The Government of Lebanon (GoL), the United Nations and its humanitarian partners issued a fifth revised appeal for Lebanon today for over US$ 1.7 billion, including US$ 450 million presented by the GoL for direct support to national institutions and essential public services.

Media field visit to Lebanese communities hosting Syrian refugees in North of Lebanon

UNDP organized a field visit to Wadi khaled on Saturday May 18th, in order for the media to get better acquainted with the projects implemented in that area in regards to the “Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme” and “Strengthening Civil Peace” project.

Launching of the "Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme”

This initiative aims at supporting Lebanese host communities struggling to cope with the tremendous additional burden in an already harsh socio-economic environment.