The Lebanese Expatriate Project - Live Lebanon - Phase I


The aim of Live Lebanon project is to mobilize a critical mass of more than 10 million Lebanese living abroad in support of local development in the most deprived areas of Lebanon.Hereby, it is contributing to the elimination of poverty and regional disparities in Lebanon. 

This will be achieved through strengthening the connection between local communities in Lebanon and the Lebanese expatriate organizations and individuals worldwide. 

An online platform, Live Lebanon ( has been created for the purpose of engaging Lebanese expatriates, providing them with an opportunity to donate money online in order to support and follow local community and development projects in the following four regions of the country: North, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon & Beirut, and the South. 

Existing UNDP sub offices in the regions together with the local Working Groups, consisting of municipalities, NGOs, community organizations etc., function as local project committees and ensure local ownership and empowerment of the local community. UNDP’s experience in project management guarantees the quality of the project implementation.

Achievements & Expected Results

The contribution of the Live Lebanon project to the overall development of Lebanon and to the eradication of regional disparities is based on the following threefold strategy: 

1. Engage the private sector in development and strengthen the link between Lebanese abroad on one hand and the Lebanese government and local communities in the poorest areas on the other hand.

2.Set up a mechanism for channelling financial support from expatriates to local development and community projects and hereby support the elimination of regional disparities. 

3.Strengthen the local capacities and decision-making structures through the engagement of local UNDP working groups in the project development and management. 


Donors Amount
Bank of Beirut and the Arab World    USD 382,075
Banque Libano-Francais USD 60,000
GWA Fadi Salame USD 251,315
Les amis du Liban a Monaco USD 371,431
Live Lebanon USD 1,065,871
Solidarite et developement rural USD 24,389
UNDP USD 353,231
United kingdom USD 19,975
Total USD 2,528,286
Year Expenditures
2014 USD 364,126
2013 USD 666,913
2012 USD 247,814
2011 USD 422,521
2010 USD 432,339
2009 USD 68,679
Total USD 2,202,391