Response to the Syrian Crisis

Strengthening Resilience of Host Communities in Lebanon to cope with the Syrian crisis

Impact of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon Lebanon, a country of four million people, has demonstrated unfaltering solidarity towards displaced populations by receiving 36% of the Syrian refugees in the region. Already severely economically and socially impacted by the conflict, it now hosts over 880,000 refugees from Syria, adding to a pre-existing Palestine refugee population of 280,000. Refugees make up over one fifth of the population.* The cumulative economic, social and security consequences are profound and enduring. A recent World Bank study reveals that the total cost of the crisis to Lebanon will reach USD 7.5 billion by the end of 2014*

Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) jointly with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) launched in 2013 the "Lebanese Host Communities Support Project" (LHSP) as a comprehensive, coordinated and durable response towards the Syrian Refugee Crisis and its implications on the country ..more


UNDP provides better job opportunities for Syrian & Lebanese citizens – Al Marj Market “The renovation made by UNDP to this market encouraged people from all over the villages to visit it which increased our income. We are 15 members in this family and we all live out of this business” – Abed al Rehman Alsayed Issa – 26 year- old Syrian living in Lebanon since 2013.more

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Second day of training at the AUB campus for data collectors, field officers and supervisors

Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon for 2016

Since no poverty assessment has been carried out from the time of the Syrian crisis, UNDP has started implementing a project under the title “Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon”. more 

undp lebanon - lebanese woman and her grandchildren sitting happily near the newly installed stove in majdal anjar - bekaa

Providing Warmth to Host Communities

Enaam Hassan, a Lebanese mother of twenty said: “I used to buy diesel fuel for 3,000-5,000 Lebanese Pounds which was barely enough for me, but Godmore 

undp lebanon - cooperative nursery in Tal abbas Akkar north lebanon

UNDP set up farmers’ cooperative to help increase productivity.

200 Lebanese and Syrian farmers who live in Akkar region benefit from Green Houses cooperatives Nurseries Before this nursery was launched, work was very hard. Wemore 

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