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One of the key development challenges in Lebanon is to build a peaceful, just and inclusive society. UNDP addresses this challenge through a range of interventions, including: Supporting spaces for peaceful dialogue at national, regional and local levels Strengthening local peacebuilding mechanisms Working with the media to promote the peace agenda Enhancing the delivery of justice and security for vulnerable groups, including women, youth and marginalized groups More

Disaster Risk Reduction

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Football Bridges Divides in Al-Sawiri, Bekaa
“Football (soccer) washes out hate and prejudice”, said Mohammed Janbey, a football player from Al-Sawiri,
Football Bridges Divides in Al-Sawiri, Bekaa

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, Mohammed and other players; after three months of intensive training; participated in a football match during the Al-Sawiri Football League, which was organized by the Al-Sawiri Youth and Sports Committee and in coordination with the municipality.more 

Religious Media, why does it matter?
Religious Media, why does it matter?

Particularly in Lebanon, where private political media was used as a weapon during war (from the article “News Bulletin Introductions and the Civil War” by Georges Sadaqa, the Peace Building in Lebanon news supplement, April 2017), this time the UNDP and Maharat Foundation’s media monitoring is tackling the role of Lebanese Religious Media, in sustaining peace. The UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project has been observing, for the past three years, the implementation of the Journalists’ Pact for Strengthening Civil Peace by the participating media outlets in cooperation with Maharat Foundation.more 

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