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Soon after the establishment of a dedicated crisis prevention and recovery (CPR) programme area in 2008, UNDP CPR portfolio positioned itself as a key actor on post-conflict recovery and long term, peace building and crisis prevention. Following the post-conflict recovery efforts exerted by the portfolio as a result of the 2006 war and 2007 Nahr el Bared crisis, UNDP has scaled up its engagement to cover new grounds. The CPR programme’s most significant results have been supporting the formulation of policies at a national level and carrying out programmatic interventions related to improving inter and intra-communal relations and strengthening civil peace, disaster risk reduction, clearance of mines and cluster bombs, improving living conditions of Palestinian refugees living in Camp Adjacent Areas, enhancing Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue, and most recently alleviating the rising tensions between the Syrian refugee and Lebanese hosting communitiesMore

Disaster Risk Reduction

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“Let it be remembered but not repeated” UNDP Supplement promoting collective memory of the civil war and reconciliation
Samira Fakhoury, 85 years old, came all the way from Hammana, Mount Lebanon to Beirut to participate in a discussion session around the 15th issue of the “Peace Building in Lebanon” news supplement. “I didn’t want to miss the chance of discussing my experience with young activists and prominent journalists. Such discussions make me feel young again” she said.
“Let it be remembered but not repeated” UNDP Supplement promoting collective memory of the civil war and reconciliation

The discussion took place on April 19th, 2017 to debate over the topics issues related to civil war memory and civil peace mentioned in the supplement. Writers, journalists, activists and NGO and INGOs representatives discussed together the content of the supplement published on April 13th, funded by KfW and distributed with the An-Nahar newspaper in its Arabic version, with The Daily Star in English, and with L'Orient-Le Jour newspaper in French. more 

Religious Media, why does it matter?
Religious Media, why does it matter?

Particularly in Lebanon, where private political media was used as a weapon during war (from the article “News Bulletin Introductions and the Civil War” by Georges Sadaqa, the Peace Building in Lebanon news supplement, April 2017), this time the UNDP and Maharat Foundation’s media monitoring is tackling the role of Lebanese Religious Media, in sustaining peace. The UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project has been observing, for the past three years, the implementation of the Journalists’ Pact for Strengthening Civil Peace by the participating media outlets in cooperation with Maharat Foundation.more 

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