Ghobeiry Second Mixed Intermediate Public School: Resolute in its Fight against Violence

As a symbol of dedication, hard work and sustainability, the principal of the Ghobeiry Second Mixed Intermediate Public School, Mrs. Fatima Salameh, has enabled her school once again to regenerate the peace building taskforce of passionate teachers, students and school staff. This time, the taskforce planned two theatrical pieces promoting nonviolence and the culture of acceptance and they were performed on May 12, 2017 during the school’s end-of-year ceremony.

The peace building taskforce was formed during the implementation of the Violence Free Schools initiative by UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project in 2015-2016. Since then, the school has been independently mobilizing the school community over the themes of the code of conduct for nonviolence, designed by the taskforce.

The Violence-Free Schools (VFS) initiative carried out its activities during 2015- 2016 in Mount Lebanon in 15 intermediate public schools, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and with the technical support of KDC – Knowledge Development Center and the generous funds of Norway.
The initiative is established through training and raising awareness of school principals, students, teachers and parents on the concept of peace building and dealing with conflict in a non-violent and non-discriminatory way. It aims at integrating peace building concepts into formal and non-formal education channels in public schools.


Principal Salameh said, “We are spreading the code of conduct among our students and teachers by working on a new theme for nonviolence every couple of weeks. We intend to implement them throughout the academic year, both inside and outside our school.”

The performances involved around 20 students from the school and took place before a full house of audience from parents, teachers, school staff, students and all supporting parties that took part of the Violence Free Schools initiative in Ghobeiry in 2016, namely Norway, UNDP and KDC facilitators.

The peace building taskforce inside the school used the performance to re-announce their commitment to fighting violence through culture and art.

“We believe that impact occurs in a sustainable environment, this is why we are keen on revitalizing our efforts towards nonviolence throughout the years. We hope that the ethics we are committing to become an essential custom in our society”, said principal Salameh.

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