Nonviolence in Tripoli Schools: A Vision Towards a Better Generation

“I’m hopeful that these sessions will constitute the first step towards a better future at our school,” said Amal Hussein Ismail, a teacher at al-Jadida Intermediate Public School, during a training conference targeting 45 teachers from 15 public schools on October 27, 2017.

The Violence-Free Schools (VFS) initiative has completed its sensitization phase in Tripoli. With 15 intermediate public schools on board, students, teachers and parents were trained on the value of nonviolence and peacebuilding in education by the UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project with the technical support of Center for Active Citizenship (CAC) and for Development and funded by Germany.

Nahida Abdel Rahman al-Helwe, a middle school teacher at the Adnan Zaki Darwish Public School for Boys in Mina, Tripoli said: “During the training session today, I was equipped to become an agent of change in my school. I now value the importance of including the parents, school staff and management in this process.”

“Even from the first sessions of training on nonviolence, I was able to get tools that I can apply in my school,” she added. “It highlighted the importance of avoiding violence when dealing with children. It got me thinking that I might have been violent even without noticing or intending to. Another issue that I found crucial is the importance of positively dealing with fellow teachers, parents and the principal. And lastly, how to have self-control and efficiently lead conversations and debates.”

The sensitization sessions in the 15 selected schools of Tripoli are over, leading the way to a new phase. The VFS initiative is now launching the development phase of the Code of Conduct by the joint committees of parents, teachers and students formed in each school.

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