Women as Peacebuilders and Actors of Change at the Local Level

"I am taking part in the conflict analysis workshops because I believe that it is my responsibility to be an actor of change in my community”, says Manal from Baysour, Mount Lebanon. And just like Manal, Oumaya wants to be an actor of change in her community Hasbaya, in South Lebanon. On the other side of the country, in the sunny Bekaa valley, Christiane from Bouday believes in the power of dialogue. “It is very important to talk about the problems of our communities, and analyze them. Once we discuss these issue, we begin the journey of solving them”, she says.

These ladies, along with 210 other active female stakeholders representing local authorities and local NGOs, took part in conflict analysis workshops held between 2016 and 2017. These workshops were organized by the UNDP Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme – LHSP through the "Peace Building in Lebanon" project in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs – MOSA

From North, South, Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa, these workshops aimed at bringing active local stakeholders together to jointly analyze the tensions and challenges facing their villages and communities. There are the first steps towards the development of the Mechanism for Social Stability in Lebanon (MSS). The MSS aims at creating localized inclusive and rights based mechanisms in different localities across Lebanon. They are funded by Germany and UKDFID.

“We are the power of change, the wives, the mothers and the daughters. We bring people together”, said Asmahan, a teacher and local actor from Tal Abbas Al Gharbi in North Lebanon.



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