Democratic Governance

The Democratic Governance Programme in Lebanon focuses on providing technical support for the development of public institutions, and formulation and implementation of economic, administrative and financial reform policies and legislations. It also supports the formulation of policies related to governance, participation and empowerment. The programme works in partnership with democratic governance institutions. In addition, the portfolio focuses on creating opportunities to participate in political decisions and thus make democratic institution more accountable and responsive to their citizens by addressing anti-corruption, human rights, and encouraging women’s empowerment, consequently promoting equal opportunities to all citizens. More


UNDP-Lb University student visiting the Lebanese Parliament for a briefing session on the works on the Parliament on the occasion of International Democracy

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  • Municipal Elections Spark Up Community Work in North Lebanon
    Municipal Elections Spark Up Community Work in North Lebanon

    The municipal elections that took place in May 2016, caused a lot of tension and competitiveness at the local level. Local authorities have changed – and the tables have turned. Thus, the Mechanisms for Social Stability being established by local authorities and local actors with the support of UNDP in several localities all over Lebanon are timely and provide a framework as to how municipal governments can identify and address key sources of tensions in their communities.more

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  • The media in and on Tripoli: Positivity is needed!

    In order to boost positive synergy among Lebanese and Syrian families and to encourage communication and ease tension caused by daily problems and stress, the socio-cultural committee of Saadnayel, supported by the UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project as part of the Mechanisms for Social Stability implemented all over Lebanon, organized a 14-day drawing workshop during June - July 2016 for 60 children aged between 5 and 12 years old.more