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Lebanese expatriate trains inspectors on food safety measures

While the entire country was worried about food expiry dates after the numerous scandals, Professor Fadi Aramouni, the Lebanese food safety expert reassured that the expiration date is put in the first place for food quality and food safety. “Other factors are much more important, such as proper coomore


Change can happen

According to Marwan Malek owner of Pharma M one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Lebanon, “IDAL has been of great assistance to me throughout this endeavor; its helpful staff have guided me through all required procedures to set up my business, and its tax exemptions will be a great boost fomore


Each vote counts

The latest Lebanese elections have been different from the previous parliamentary elections. Several changes have been made concerning the electoral procedures, such as redrawing of the electoral district, holding the elections in all the districts at the same day and using the National ID cards insmore