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UNDP in the Energy Saving Spotlight

The COP15 Climate Summit last month may have left most of us in the dark on international climate change commitments, but pressure is still on for Lebanon to reduce its energy consumption. It may seem that such issues may not directly affect Lebanon, but Lebanon has more of a reason to be concernedmore


Planting Thyme in Zawtar Al Charkieh

Zawtar Al Charkieh, the southern village, highly relying on agriculture as a source of income, was severely affected by the July 2006 war that caused immediate damages to 90% of agricultural fields including lands contaminated by cluster bombs. Therefore, the farmers of the village who used to collemore


Harvesting wild sage in Mejdel Akkar

In one of the highest mountains of Mejdel Akkar in North Lebanon, far away from the noisiness of the hectic city, three women harvest sage from the wild. With other 22 women, these harvesters work in the Mejdel Akkar Cooperation supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon “We armore