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Climate change boosts drought and floods

There is a seemingly natural incline, among most, to an inexplicable fascination with the weather. Its mention in most casual conversations proves both a simple ice-breaker and a curious insight into human thinking. With the growing frequency of natural disasters brought about by climate change, howmore


Hope Restored to “Marwaheen” Farmers

The main component of the project entitled “Reclaiming the Traditional Water Conservation Practices in Rural South Lebanon: The Case of Marwaheen Village”, is the rehabilitation of the village pond. This has been fully embraced by the municipality of Marwaheen and the local community who contributedmore


Installation of a solar heater system for Chahhar public hospital in Qabr Chamoun

The energy sector in Lebanon is facing major challenges including the inability to meet increasing national energy demand. The CEDRO project, managed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), aims at complementing the national power sector reform strategy by targeting end-use energy conservamore