Live Lebanon Initiative Goodwill Ambassadors

Live Lebanon initiative targets diaspora worldwide and gives them the opportunity to support the people in their homeland. Live Lebanon initiative is divided into four areas of development: Young Lebanon, Green Lebanon, Prosperous Lebanon, and Healthy Lebanon.

 How we make it happen:

 Live Lebanon’s initiatives would not be possible without our Goodwill Ambassadors. The Goodwill Ambassadors establish the connection between Live Lebanon and individuals, private sectors, and companies that want to contribute to the cause. The relationships that the Goodwill Ambassadors form for Live Lebanon make projects possible by providing essential funds for different initiatives.

 We also receive donations from generous individuals through our website. They are groups of students, diaspora members, co-workers that decide to donate for a cause.

Ghaleb Farha

1- Ghaleb Farha: Goodwill Ambassador for Arab Gulf Region

Mr. Ghaleb Farha is a Lebanese expatriate who has been living in the United Arab Emirates for 40 years. He is the only Lebanese member in the 13 Club Association consisting of 13 highly accomplished individuals worldwide. Furthermore, he serves as Chairman of the World Presidents Organization in its United Arab Emirates Chapter. Mr. Farha is also a Board Member of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah, Dubai.A prominent businessman, Mr. Farha is director of three hotels in Dubai, Chairman of Cloisall Co. and Managing Partner of Intercat Hospitality LLC and Butlers Dry Clean and Launders. Mr. Farha also serves as Vice Chairman of Building Material Group organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai.

Fadi Salameh

2- Fadi Salameh: Goodwill Ambassador Ottawa

Mr. Salameh started his career in advertising right after graduating from Ottawa University in 1980. After over 30 years in the industry and a history of major successes, Mr. Salameh has positioned himself as one of the most important advertising and marketing communications professionals in the region. Mr. Salameh was, until recently, the President and CEO of Middle East Communication Networks (MCN), which is the largest network of advertising, marketing communications and media agencies in the Middle East and North Africa.Mr. Salameh is now a well-known established business personality in Lebanon, and his esteem and positive reputation is spread across the Lebanese Diaspora.  His most recent projects have been the establishment of Cameleon Event Management Company and the C Flow Beach Resort.
Throughout his career, Mr. Salameh has initiated several key social responsibility initiatives. Additionally, he has tirelessly promoted the Lebanese cause for community building amongst his fellow expats.
Mr. Salameh is the General Secretary and a Member of the Board of the Lebanese Economic Forum, a private non-profit organization founded to promote economic development based on private initiative within the framework of a liberal economy.
He was nominated Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador in 2010 and he was lately nominated as Chairman of Radio Liban Libre besides being the GM of LITS.

Bouran Bouari

3- Bouran Bouery: Goodwill Ambassador for Western Europe

Mrs. Bouran Bouery is an active member of the Lebanese expatriate community, especially in countries of Western Europe. Residing in Monaco since 1987, she is founder and director of Les Amis du Liban in Monaco, a nonprofit organization seeking to support disadvantaged communities in Lebanon. Through her work, Mrs. Bouery has helped thousands of unprivileged Lebanese, especially in supporting issues related to health and children's education.
In addition to her numerous contributions, Mrs. Bouery is an accomplished businesswomen, operating and managing her own fashion store in Monaco.

Saada Fakhry

4- SAADA FAKHRY: Goodwill Ambassador for Ghana, Africa

Mrs. Saada Fakhry is a prominent member of the Lebanese expatriate community in both Ghana and the United Kingdom. Despite having emigrated from Beirut to Ghana where she has been a permanent resident for almost 40 years now, Mrs Fakhry has established and managed to maintain strong links with high-profile figures in both the local and Lebanese communities. She has also supported numerous humanitarian projects for Lebanon through her fund-raising efforts in the region. She has been actively involved in various charities and is a co-founder of HOPE (Help the Orphans, the Poor and the Elderly), a UK-based organization providing aid and support for underprivileged women and children in Lebanon. Mrs Fakhry recently co-founded an education center in Southern Lebanon with her husband, Saied Fakhry. The center focuses on the development of a cultural and educational program for the local community, providing free tuition in computer technology, languages, music and art.

Elias Saad

5-  ELIAS SAAD: Goodwill Ambassador for Nigeria

He is the owner and Chairman of ESLA, Elias Saad Luxury Apartments, a highly respected construction company with projects in Lebanon and in Nigeria.